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Website Not Showing Up? Here’s How to Fix It

Your website isn’t showing up because it lacks SEO (search engine optimization) practices needed to compete with similar websites or has given reason to believe it isn’t trustworthy. 

There are two primary categories of SEO. 

  • Internal methods are those which are included in your website and occur from within and sometimes link outwardly.
  • External methods include any link to a website, keyword or tag. 

In each of the categories lies a plethora of conventional and unconventional practices that may transcend multiple sectors of marketing. 

The competition could be the reason your website isn’t showing up. 

Lacking proper web security could be the reason a website isn’t showing up. 

There are also many circumstances where a website is optimized for a set of keywords or a brand name but not the intended one(s). For example, if your website is optimized for its name, people will find your website when they search for your brand name, but nothing else. 

Advanced SEO addresses the problem of capturing traffic organically by utilizing the optimization of keywords. If a website is used to sell anime mugs, it would be very beneficial to capture search engine traffic for the keywords, “anime mugs”. 

When less than average security or a low trust rating is causing a website to not show up, the answer is more subjective and often requires auditing. Upgrading and updating security as needed is important for this reason. Trust ratings are scores given based upon a website’s ability to prove it is real, legal and functioning. It will hardly matter how masterful your SEO strategy is if security and trust ratings are neglected. 

Some things that cause a low trust rating might include:

  • No or expired security certificate 
  • No recent reviews/comments 
  • No recent content
  • Broken links
  • No backlinks
  • Little to no information 
  • Not original enough
  • Too many misspellings
  • Reported for spam
  • Reported for fraud

Without a background in advanced SEO, finding and implementing a solution is costly either financially or time-wise. 

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