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How does the IG Algorithm work?

The exact algorithm for Instagram’s Explore page is not publicly disclosed by the company, but it is widely believed to be based on a combination of factors including:

1. Relevance: The Explore page shows content that is relevant to a user’s interests and activity on the app, based on the content they have engaged with in the past (liked, commented or shared).

2. Popularity: The Explore page also displays content that is popular among other users on Instagram. This includes posts that have high engagement rates (likes and comments) and views.

3. Recency: The Explore page displays content that is recent and fresh. This means that the more recently the post has been uploaded, the more likely it is to be displayed on the Explore page.

4. User Connections: The algorithm also considers the connections a user has on Instagram, such as the accounts they follow, the accounts that follow them, and the accounts they interact with.

5. Post Type: Instagram’s algorithm also takes into account the type of post (photo, video, carousel, etc.) and the format (aspect ratio, file size, etc.) to optimize the user experience of the platform. It’s worth noting that Instagram’s algorithm is constantly being updated and refined.