How a Marketing Video Improves Website Accessibility

If you have ever searched for something on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any search engine, you may have noticed videos come up in the top results now too.

There are a few ways people are taking advantage of the benefits of video. Marketing is partly about making your products or services easily accessible or else one risks losing customers.

When it comes to video search engine optimization marketing, the benefits are clear

  • A marketing video provides another way to be found online (ie. YouTube, SEO, etc.)
  • Videos can vividly portray one’s elevator pitch or address a target audience
  • Video SEO provides one with a backlink, keyword marketing & organic engagement

Using video SEO in one’s strategy can be very beneficial if done well. The improvement to website accessibility is contingent on optimizing one’s marketing video correctly. Filling out meta tags, CTAs, keywords, location(s), titles and backlinks takes research and awareness if one hopes to maximize effectiveness.

For these and other advanced techniques, Elevator Pitch Animation offers creative solutions.