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Why Do Some Bad Shows Do So Well?

A lot of television shows are not your favorite programs, and only a few pertain to your liking. This can be for many reasons, but the majority of people can recognize a low-quality show fairly quickly.

Low-quality is not synonymous with low-budget. There are some high-budget films and shows with repulsive content.

So, why do some shows do well even though they obviously suck so much? 

They keep producing content. Plain and simple.

It may not be quality but it’s consistent and people look for new content whether or not it’s good.

Advertisments don’t discriminate. If a show is getting negative attention, it’s still counted as good publicity all the same.

Good shows often run out of content because they try so hard in a world of people who don’t appreciate the effort. They aren’t willing to ruin their reputation by selling out. 

So, what does this lesson tell us?

It tells us that whether or not we think our content is good enough, there are always going to be successful opportunities for consistent production. Don’t create just for money, but don’t make your best content your only content.


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