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What is an Elevator Pitch and Why You Want One

What’s an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a sales pitch summarized to key points that equate to approximately the length of the average elevator ride. The best elevator pitches are unique, emotional, honest and have a call to action. Technically, a pitch does not have to be selling a product or service, but most sell an idea.

Using one in your daily life gives one the confidence to feel prepared, practiced and proud of oneself. Consider using an elevator pitch in your ad campaign media, on business cards, promotions and wherever the opportunities exist to network.

There isn’t really a traditional way to go about coming up with your own. Fortunately, you can test out your pitch on people you know, strangers or online.

Some elevator pitches are simple introductions with a summarization of character and skills. Others are more logical, brand-heavy or corporate sounding. Some are very creative and rhetorical. Consider looking into various examples to see just how wide the application of one can be applied.

Taking all of this into consideration, you should now understand what the intention was behind the name Elevator Pitch Animation.