What is an Automation?

You might already know, an automation is anything that is designed or arranged to be done automatically.

The first automations were trained people who could run operations without supervision and nature-powered technology like waterwheels.

Today, humankind has progressed to computer-based automations, coded with instructions to be carried out and repeated.

The kinds of automations at Elevator Pitch Automations are primarily for automating repetitive marketing tasks like finding people to sell to or making your digital content readily accessible to those searching in those categories. Some of these automations are human-powered like artists and some are computer-powered with the help of web and software developers.

Most people don’t realize, as technology becomes more refined, more processes and tasks can be automated. Videos can now be sorted through with artificial intelligence. Written content can be proofread and edited by software. Graphics can be created more quickly. All types of media and information can be shared automatically given the right circumstances.

Time is a limited resource so making things run automatically is very helpful and very cost-effective over time.

Setting up marketing automations is worth the cost because advertising, sales and content creation are most often inevitable, especially for a business-owner or independent professionals. So, think of every automation like an employee with skills or training to carry out a very specific job. Sometimes, employees are automations and sometimes they happen without much human interaction. Some are schedule-based, some are event-based (like clicking a link), some are at random, and some are a combination of different protocols.