In-person Automations
  • Emails: Automating email responses, drip campaigns and automatic organizing can save valuable time and streamline communication
  • Presentations: Tools are available to automate the creation and formatting of presentations, allowing for more efficient content creation.
  • Meeting Notes: Automation tools can assist in organizing and summarizing meeting notes, reducing the time spent on manual note-taking.
  • Task Management: Automation can optimize task management, workload planning, and progress tracking across all departments of a business.
  • Reminders: Utilizing apps like Wunderlist can automate reminders for tasks and deadlines, enhancing productivity.
  • Online Forms: Programs like Roboform can automate the completion of online forms, saving time and effort.
  • Workflow Automation: Platforms like n8n enable the automation of complex tasks without the need for extensive coding.
  • Bill Payments: Setting up autopay for bills can automate the process of money transfer, providing convenience and ensuring timely payments.
  • Chores and Home Tasks: Automation can be applied to various home tasks, such as smart home systems that control lighting, temperature, and security
  • Financial Management: Tools like Mint can automate budget tracking, expense monitoring, and bill payments, simplifying financial management.
  • App Integration: Services like If This Then That (IFTTT) allow for the automation of tasks and communication between different apps and tools, enhancing their functionality.
  • Manufacturing Processes: Integrated automation systems can automate entire manufacturing processes through computer control, streamlining production and reducing complexity.
  • Human-powered: Training courses and hiring processes can be utilized to create smoothly-running automated businesses.
  • And Many Other Things Can Be Automated

Elevator Pitch Automations can hold your hand
and walk you through automating almost anything

For Just $300 (Monthly Retainer)
You Can Save Hundreds of Hours
and Maximize Efficiency

What It Does Not Include

  • The Cost of the Automations Themselves (some are free)
  • App Integrations Software (some have free trials)
  • The Cost of Campaigns (ads, paid platforms, etc.)
  • AI Memberships (GPT, Claude AI, Llama 3, Gemini, etc.)

What It Does Include

  • Unlimited One-on-one Conversations Booked via Calendar Automation
  • Custom Manually Written Plans for the Automation(s) of Your Choice
  • Hands-on Assistance When Needed
  • “How-to” Media Specifically for Your Questions

“I’m Josh, and I use software, AI, coding, apps, IDEs and Media in my everyday work-life to automate as much as I can without compromising on quality. As you and I get to know one another, I’ll recommend ways to improve your professional life with time-saving and cost-saving techniques, many of which also allow you to maximize your productivity like never before. I run multiple brands and manage IT and marketing departments for other brands. I can fit everything into my schedule and still have time for family, friends and new clients because of Elevator Pitch Automations.”

Joshua Autrey Serrano

Elevator Pitch Automations Unlimited

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